04.05.-05.05 2018 at the Sky-Lounge of the City University of Applied Sciences 

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx the Institute for Transport and Development of the City University of Applied Sciences in Bremen and the Institute of postcolonial and transcultural studies (INPUTS) of the University Bremen invites interested guests to the international symposium “Karl Marx, Marxism and the Global South” (4-5 May, 2018, City University of Applied Sciences). It will critically re-evaluate Marx’s heritage and his influence on different perspectives of development in the Global South. The symposium will focus on the connection between Marxist ideas, utopian visions, and postcolonial interpretations. Besides Marxist interpretations of anti-colonial movements and societies in Asia, Africa, Middle and South America, the participants will discuss the role of the Global South in a capitalistic global economy and discuss Marx’s understanding of the development of productive forces. The symposium will also debate the role of Marxist theses and their adaption in anti-colonial liberation movements in the 20th century and the relevance of utopian potentials for the Global South from a Marxist perspective.





How to get there

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